You Work For The Government

No, no, I don’t.

I worked for a major satellite company a few years back and got some crazy calls. This is not my craziest, but it is the one I enjoy the most looking back on.

Me: [opening blah blah blah]

Customer: [insert generic problem]

Me: [fixes generic problem]

Customer: fantastic! Thanks for the quick fix. Where is your call center located at?

Me: Idaho, sir. It’s quite lovely in the summer if you ever decided to take a trip.

Customer: if you can’t tell me, you don’t have to lie.

Me, baffled: sir? I’ve lived in Idaho my whole life. I’m so Idahoan, I had a bear break into my house

(true story by the way)

Customer: you work for the government.

Me: I’m employed by (company)

Customer: no, you’re not. You work for the government. Idaho doesn’t exist. Its a cover-up. They just want you to think it exists with real people and real things so they can cover up whatever they are doing up there.

Me internally: Yes, I, a government employee, have nothing better to do than fix your television. You’re welcome… Me externally: ah, okay.

Customer sounding skeptical: Well since you fixed my problem (my name) from I.Da.Ho, I’ll let you get back to working for (company)…if that’s who I’m really talking to.

Apparently that wasn’t the first or last time my coworkers and I dealt with the government conspiracy about Idaho.

A coworker got one where a customer wouldn’t eat Idaho potatoes because they were genetically modified by the government to dumb us down and Idaho is just added to maps to cover up the fact that these potatoes were “built” in a factory. But the Californian ones where fine to eat.

Wake up, you SHEEPLE!!!

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