What if I were to tell you

Woman called and asked for reimbursement, which I can’t do after the event has taken place. DC = me, DB = caller.

DB: Yes, [vendor] failed me again and I would like to be reimbursed for [event].

DC: I see [event] was scheduled 2 hours ago. Did you go to [event]?

DB: I’m at [event].

DC: Oh I can’t retroactively reimburse you for something that has happened.

DB: What if I told you I moved [event] to later?

DC: Well then I could [modify specifically] for [event]

DB: Then set it up that way.

DC: I can’t do that.

DB: Why not? I’ve had this done before.

DC: Because that would be fraud, ma’am.

DB: Let me speak to a supervisor.

DC: I don’t have one available right now (6:30am on Saturday), but I can have someone call you in an hour.

DB: Ok. What’s your name?

DC: DefectiveCookie, ma’am.

And you bet I’m putting fraudulent act you asked me to perform in my notes.

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