I’ve been calling in twice every week why can’t you find my account!

This happened yesterday and I’m still thinking about it.

Back story: I work in a call center that manages FMLA absences for other company’s employees.

Me: is me A: Guy who doesn’t listen.

Me: Good morning my name is sananabanana417 may I have your name please?

A: inaudible mumbling m…I need to report my absence from work.

Me: Okay I can help you with that, do you have your leave number?

A: No I don’t, I can give you my social.

(We typically don’t ask for socials because a lot of people don’t like to give them out but this guy offered so I was happy because numbers EASY…or so I thought)

Me: okay and what is that number

A: ###-##-####

Me: Thank you, that was ###-##-####

A: yes

(Runs search nothing is found)

Me: I’m sorry sir I wasn’t able to access your information using that number. Just to confirm that was ###-##-####

A: Yes (this time I heard him sigh which in turn irritates me because I really try and listen my best so people don’t have to repeat sensitive information)

(Runs search again still nothing)

Me: I’m sorry sir I still cannot access your account. May I have the spelling of your first and last name and date of birth.

A: (rattled off some name that sounded like this) It’s kizbkyn islehn

Me: I repeat it back to him to make sure it’s correct: okay that was k as in Kelo… I as in india… guy interrupts me with some yelling..

A: No it’s Abraham ******* and

Me: Okay thank you that was A as in Apple…(I spelt his entire first and last name phonetically to him) and confirmed his date of birth.

A: Yes that’s right!! Why can’t you find my account! I’ve been calling in from work twice every week!

(Runs another search still NOTHING) my anxiety increases a bit now because I still can’t find his account. I decide to ask for his social again just to confirm for the 3rd time.

Me: I apologize sir I just can’t access your account using your name and date of birth. Just to confirm that social for a third time that was, ###-##-####

A: no it’s a 3 not a 2 at the end

Me: blink blink

(I change the last number and magically his information appears. Oh and by the way when his name appeared it was Abraham but spelt Ibrahim and I wasn’t even close on the last name).

We went through the rest of the call and I gave him his leave number to write down for next time he calls…hopefully save the next rep some frustration. Haha

Edit: a letter

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