Tech Support Call, I couldn’t Believe It

So I’m taking a tech support call for an iPhone. The customer is experiencing short battery life on her iPhone. I am going over some settings to optimize battery life, and then decide to run a remote diagnostic. The diagnostic comes back as nothing wrong with the battery. I then look at the report to see what app or feature is using the most of her battery so far in the last 24 hours and week. They were both the “flashlight.” I’d never seen that before.

I say “this may sound silly, but I’d like to just check. Can you tell me if your iPhone’s flashlight is on?”

Customer: “Yes, it’s been on for the past couple of months. But I don’t care about that anymore as I’ve gotten used to it. I just want my battery to last longer.”

Me: “Ma’am, I believe we’ve discovered the cause of your short battery life. The flashlight is using up your battery.”

Customer: “Oh really?”

Me: Yes, let me help you turn it off. Please use your finger to swipe up from the very bottom. You will see a graphic menu. Please press the flashlight icon to turn the flashlight off.”

The flashlight turned off.

Can you believe this customer had her flashlight on for two months? Not only that, but she would always connect it to a charger before the iPhone could die. If it had died and she turned it back on, the flashlight would have turned off.

The customer had been using the iPhone blaring a light at everyone for TWO MONTHS!

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