Sometimes old people treat us like crap, but sometimes you get ones like this:

Part of my job description is taking customer feedback regarding our physical locations. This call came in a queue unrelated to that.

Me: Thanks for calling company‘s customer service, my name is smokeydab…


Me: This is smokeydabandito with company customer service, how can…

Caller: OPERATOR murmurs to someone: is it too much to ask for a real person these days?

Me: Sir, this isn’t a robot, I’m a real human being. You’ve reached company‘s customer service, how can I help you?

(Person in background while I’m saying the above): Honey, I don’t think that’s a robot.

Caller: Oh. OH! I am so sorry! I’m so used to having a robot answer the phone, I’m so rude. I’m really sorry!

Me: No problem! Those robots irritate me too. How can I help you?

after explaining what department I’m in, and the usual demographic questions:

Caller: Well I’d like to tell you a little tale

Me: Ok (ho boy, here it comes) go ahead

Caller: Well I was at your location in Somewhere, Somestate, and y’all have this young gal there. Her name is laquya, er lakita…

(Callers wife): It’s Latisha Frank audibly rolls eyes.

Caller: Sorry, Latasha

(Caller’s wife): LATEEEEESHA

Caller: My wife says Latisha.

Me: I thought I heard her say that (who couldn’t), and what did you want to tell me about Latisha?

Caller: Well, we came inside and she immediately greeted us, and asked if she could help us……

Caller continues to tell me everything she did, praising everything.

Me: Wow! I’ll have to tell ya, when you started off with wanting to tell me “a little tale” I was a bit worried you had a bad experience with us!

Caller: I’m sure people call in all the time to complain, but nobody ever calls in with a compliment. My wife and I were just so impressed with her, we wanted to make sure someone knew.

Rustling noises

Caller’s wife (now talking directly into the phone): You need to promote her, or give her a raise, or at least a paid vacation. She’s so sweet.

The two of them go on for another 5 mins recounting this employee’s interaction with them, praising her the whole time.

Some old people are just the sweetest!

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