"I need to speak to a lady"

I am a 22m (not that it should matter) that works in a mag sub center and yesterday I received the rudest call yet. Sub called about not receiving her particular women oriented mag, let’s call it Mostly Useless Information on Shitty Paper, MUISP for short. I assure help and look up the sub. Appears there was an issue in Jan where we had to add her trailer number onto her address. Address changes take four weeks to reflect in our system. minimum. We got a PO Undeliverable two weeks after because the address hadn’t been printed on the mags properly yet. So she receives the mags that were labeled properly then they stop coming. Que this phone call. I reactivate the account and assure her mags will deliver in 4 weeks. She rudely asks me to explain why it happened, saying our company can’t do anything right, how many times will she have to fix this, yadda yadda. I explain what happens but not halfway through the explanation she asks when her next mag will come. So I tell her. “That’s not fast enough.”

“I am sorry ma’am. That is the fastest I can get it to you. Like I was explaining, insert explanation

Not halfway through again. “When will it arrive.”

“I am sorry miss, but it will be four weeks.”


“Miss, I have tried explaining this twice and you have interrupted both times.” Start explaining again.

Interrupts almost immediately to say “I need to speak with a lady!”

“I am sorry ma’am. I cannot guarantee anyone I patch you through to will be a woman. I can help you.”

“Well I must speak with a lady.”

“I am sorry ma’am. I find that very offensive and honestly, sexist. But I would be happy to help you if I can be treated with respect.”

“Well thanks for nothing!” Click

A few minutes later my supervisor is telling me I can’t call a sub sexist. whoops. Says it doesn’t matter, don’t do it again. I am supposed to tell her “I am sorry you feel that way. You can call back until you are patched through to someone you feel comfortable speaking with.”

It surprises me these people have friends or haven’t learned they can’t speak that way.

TL;DR: Woman had complicated problem with her sub. Interrupted me when I was explaining the issue. Asked same question three times. Told me she needed to speak to a lady.

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