Compliments Do Happen; We Can Make A Difference

So I work as a billing specialist/customer support representative for a company that does insurance coding/billing/EHR support for doctors offices and urgent cares.

I got a call on Friday from a older woman who was at the end of her rope. The clinic had put her account on hold due to the balance on her account, so she couldn’t be seen for a visit or get refills until she paid her bill. She called in- incredibly angry, embarrassed, and on the verge of tears. She explained her situation, apologizing for being angry “because it’s not your fault”.

Now, I’m a hard worker, if you’re nice to me, I’ll go to the ends of the earth to do anything I can for you. And so I looked at her account because she insisted that there’s no way she can owe a balance. She has 2 insurances. They’re great, they pay everything and she’s always paid her bills and compared them to her EOBs. I promise her that I’d review her entire account and call her back. It broke my heart when she asked if I’d really call. I promised I would.

30 minutes later, I call her back. Im able to adjust half her balance due to timely filing issues, but it looks like she did owe one partial balance. She said she did pay it- we pull check numbers. She’s upbeat and very nice now. She’s thanked me for helping her, for calling her back, for spending so much time on her.

Another 10 minutes on the phone, some of it while old EOBs were loading, we discovered that an old rep enters an insurance payment as a deductible due by patient. I get excited when I see it because once it’s updated to her account she’s going to have a credit. She’s so excited when I tell her. She said no one ever took time to work with her before, that she was just some old woman that everyone got mad at when she called. She took my name and continued to thank me, saying she’d always ask for me from here on out.

I checked her account today to see if my adjustment requests had been process to put the credit on her account yet (they hadn’t), but I see a long note from the office manager of the clinic in her account documenting how happy the woman was with her interaction with me. It brightened my day that she took the time to tell someone that we can do good things in the call center too.

Keep your chin up everyone, all those nasty calls melt away when you get someone who truly appreciates you.

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