I can’t remember my PIN

Long time lurker, first time poster; This was about 6 or 7 years ago, I was working in a call centre for a major UK Financial Institution at the time. I’ll be ‘Baryonyx257’, customer will be ‘Jim’

Baryonyx257: Good afternoon, ‘Financial institution’ customer services, Baryonyx257 speaking; how can I help?

Jim: I can’t remember my PIN.

Baryonyx257: Ok sir, can I take your account number? (Account numbers and security questions) Thank you for the information, would you like me to issue you a new PIN number?

Jim: No, I want them to put it back.

Baryonyx257: I’m sorry, I don’t understand.

Jim: They covered it up.

Baryonyx257: Sorry? Can you explain?

Jim: I couldn’t always remember my PIN number, so I scratched it into the frame of the cash machine, and somebody painted over it.

Baryonyx257: Eh…You scratched your PIN into the ATM?

Jim: Yes, and they painted over it! I can’t remember it, put it back!

Baryonyx257: We don’t own the ATMs, painting the is up to the building owners…

At this point, he lost the plot; blaming me for sabotaging his life because he couldn’t get his money.

TL;DR, Old guy scratches his PIN into the frame of his local ATM, get pissed when the owner paints the frame.

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