I am losing sleep over this customer. [Rant]

Seriously, it’s affecting my health. On mobile, so apologies for formatting. Will do the best I can.

So this idiot customer has been calling for three fucking weeks* every single day asking for me. I return her calls as soon as I can, but I’m on multiple lines and one of the busiest CSRs on floor. If she gets anyone else and I’m unable to take the call, she hangs up on them.

This woman wanted a change made that the store she bought it through didn’t call us to make sure they could do (we are the manufacturer). So basically we are dealing with the store’s fuck up. The customer was offered for us to modify the product to make it work the way she asked, she refused. She was offered money to keep as is (a perfectly functioning order, just not with the operational option she wanted), she refused.

Finally we offered to remake the product at no charge. She refused. Now mind you, this was all offered within a week, but since she wouldn’t complain to anyone but me, it’s dragged on for half a month.

Pretty much what she wants is for us to remake it at no charge AND refund her all of her money, which means we lose thousands of dollars twice.

The thing that threw me over the edge today was that I had a message from a supervisor today saying she filed a complaint because I was not “taking her seriously”. Really?! The offers were coming from over my head and I qave her all the information I had. I sent multiple emails to our sups letting them know that she would rather talk to them than me because they were the ones making the offers.

Thankfully, they know the complaint is unfounded and think she’s nuts… But I have no idea what this bitch is gonna do next week when I’m out of the office for surgery. I cringe at the though of checking my voicemail on my first day back.

I had to vent… I literally lost sleep last night thinking about this broad calling in today and chewing me out again for my daily dose of insanity.

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