CC Support Professionals, Y’all da real MVP.

Got off a 30-minute call to a financial call center today, where I was the customer. I’ve worked in Tech Support and am generally super laid back and always respect that it’s a person on the other end on that line. Today I heard a lot of background noise on the calls, and my support specialist ended up getting stuck with a frozen system while he tried to pull up my account. During one of the pauses I heard through the phone a muffled customer voice just screaming at the guy sitting close to the specialist I was on the line with – no joke, that was blasting from another agents headset. So I overhear this agent kicking up his customer support skills and doing his best to handle the situation.

Meanwhile I’ve been waiting on the phone with my current agent for about 8 minutes while he triages his system before he ends up transferring me to another agent. The fear in his voice was audible when he told me that his system was frozen and had no option but to transfer me. I was straight up, “no worries man, systems fail. I gotcha. Go ahead and patch me through and you have a good rest of your day.”

It’s little things like always catching an agents name, asking them too how they are doing, and just being cool on the line that I think can help lower the stress of what bullshit is so frequently tossed to the front line.

I got off the phone finally and I kid you not I heard shock and gratitude on the line when I wished him a great rest of his shift and day. Basic decency and professionalism, right? So hard to come by?

I joked with my colleague about how shocked and happy both agents were that I was a decent human voice on the line. And my colleague said, you’re probably the only nice voice they’ve heard in two weeks.

That makes me so sad to consider. So anyway I just wanted to toss in a note here and say hurrah for all our call center agents working the frontline. Y’all da real MVPs,

I really wish more people had the experience in their live of working a help desk, call center, or serving tables because it instills this sense of decency and professionalism while problem solving or receiving a service that so much of the rest of the world lacks.

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