Don’t prank my crisis line and expect to get away with it

LTL FTP apologies for shitty spelling and sorry if this is in the wrong place.

Sorry this is long.

I work for a national crisis line that focuses on very specific demographic of people. Anyways, I have some really great coworkers. I would say we have a very colorful group from all walks of life. The spacifc cowork in this tale is awesome. She happens to be my deskmate. This is her first job out of college in social and health services and her past work includes a round of deployments in the Army. This is relevant because she can come off a little strong and when dealing with people “in crisis” and can catch you off guard. We are always trained to meet the caller where they are (vocabulary, tone of voice things like that).

All of this is heard from one desk over in a smaller call center environment. We will call coworker E and caller SLF for stupid little fuck.

At the start of this call I’m not paying much attention. You hear E answer the phone “Thank you for calling the (insert crisis line here). This is E. How can I help you?”

At this point I hear very loud screams coming from her headset and a panicked look on her face. E starts to reflect back some of the things SLF is saying. “It hurts so bad”, “I can’t stop the bleeding”, “I just want to die”… E at this point has jumped into locating the callers phone number and running it to find a location to send 911. By this time it’s not just me who has started following call but other coworkers and supervisors. Call goes on for a few more minutes. We get a location and E informs the caller we are gonna sent EMTs to his location and ask what does he see around him. I think that must has been an ‘OH SHIT’ moment because the caller disconnected the call. E jumps back on the phone and calls back. The kid answers and is laughing that this was all a joke and he is fine and then swears at her and hangs up.

This is when E stands up and officially names him Stupid Little Fuck loudly and can be heard across the office. These calls happen frequently some not no elaborate but this time E isn’t having it. She is pissed. This kid thinks he can just call up spew some shit and hang up. After doing some more digging she finds this kids Facebook. She now knows his friends who he is hanging out with at that moment because they just tagged him in a post, the school he goes to, his dogs name and his parents info along with a lot of other info.

E take a deep breath and calls SLF back. He answers the phone “what the fuck do you want”. E responds with a “What the fuck do you think I want (kids name). You just told me you were going to kill yourself, you were hurting so bad and couldn’t stop bleeding. Do you think (enters friends who just tagged him in a post) would think it’s cool to prank a suicide hotline. Or what about (enters parents names) would feel to know there son is taking up someones time that should be saving someone else’s live but is dealing with SLF prank calling her. E went on to talk about his school and about how she was so worried about him that 911 was on their way and “oh wait is the sirens I hear in the background”. Now I don’t know if there really were sirens but that stupid little kid sucked up into a babbling little baby and cried about how sorry he was.

And E went home feeling very sure that SLF won’t be pranking our CL anytime soon.

Needless to say these lines are here to help people who need help and there is a chance if you are pranking a line, you are stopping someone who really might need their life saved from getting through.

Also just because it says confidential does not mean anonymous. I wish prankers realised the amount of personal information they leave behind in just a call.

TLDR stupid kid pranks a crisis line and gets the shit scared out of him.

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