Steal a SIM? Blacklist your phone!

I was perusing the Malicious Compliance sub-reddit (r/MaliciousCompliance. Check it out, it’s a lot of shenanigans) when I thought of this call.
Background: I work for Canadian telecommunications giant “Blue” as a L2 cellular services technical agent. As we are open 24 hours a day, all sorts of calls get routed to us, due to the “I don’t know who I need!” syndrome.
: the customer calling in (nice lady)
$Me: yours truly, rugged of face, heroic of stature, flatulent of buttocks

$Me: Thank you for calling Technical Support. How can I help you?
$Victim: I had a SIM card sent to me, but somebody stole it from my mail box!
$Me: I’m sorry to hear that. Let’s get this sorted.

To expand, this SIM had been sent as active, so it was a new line of service.

$Me: So I do see the phone number as active, and there is a device connecting to the network.
$Victim: Can you block the number? I don’t want all my minutes used!
$Me: Absolutely. Done.

$Me: For missing devices, we can also add the phone itself to the blacklist, so it cannot be used with any cellular number or provider in Canada. Would you like this done as well?
$Victim: But i didn’t lose a phone, only the SIM … …

I could almost hear the customer’s understanding dawn.

$Victim: … I mean, yes, I would like to report the device as missing as well.
$Me: OK.

$Me: Alrighty then. So the phone itself has been blacklisted under your phone number, so standard policy is that only yourself or the other authorized user on your account can request removal from the blacklist.
$Victim: Thank you so much!
$Me: You’re welcome.

TL;DR: Seriously?? Read the title.

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