Premium SMS service..funniest call type

I have previously worked for a couple different mobile phone network providers in the UK and there was one call type I LOVED. Below is the best example from a couple of years ago. I have cut out some if the irrelevant chat.

Background for some people who may not know about premium SMS charges: You can sign up for various services using your mobile and they will charge the cost of the service to your phone bill by sending a chargeable SMS. Some if these services can be competition entries, wallpapers for your phone or in the good old days you bought ringtones.

Me= me W= wife H= husband

Me: (opening script)

W: I’ve noticed some fraudulent charges on my phone bill and I want them refunded.

Me: I’m sorry to hear that, I will look at your bills and get this sorted. I can see that you have been receiving some messages from the number 8XXXX. This is typically a charge fir a service that the user of the mobile has signed up to.

W: That is not true, I have not signed up to ANYTHING. This is fraud, refund me NOW!! Me: I understand how frustrated you feel however I can see that these messages have been sent to your phone after you sent an initial text to the same number on (date and time)

W: Are you deaf? I just told you I haven’t!! Are you calling me a liar?

Me: Not at all, could there have been someone with access to the phone?

W: No way! It was with me the whole time and i didnt use it at all that day.

Me: Ok, I have to explain that I do see a reasonable amount of calls and text messages being sent just before and after the text to 8XXXXX. They seem like genuine usage as they are to the same numbers that are frequently contacted.

W: I don’t care, I’m still telling you that I…DID…NOT…SUBSCRIBE…TO…ANYTHING!

Me: I understand, I am just going to try find out what service it seems to be and which company runs it, then maybe we can conference them into this call to get it resolved.

W: Reluctantly Agrees…can gear angry husband in the background calling me and the company all sorts of names

Me: (with the biggest grin on my face but trying to prevent her from hearing my joy) the company running this service seems to be called xxx and there are multiple services subscribed to, such as ‘Big Boobs XXX’ and ‘w@nk bank hardcore’.

W: Hold on! (Long pause and inaudible chatting to husband.) This is my husbands phone and he will call back later to sort this out click

I loved proving rude people wrong, especially when they lie (oh this phone is never our of my sight…actually my husband uses this phone)

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