The soft / hard copy dance

As part of my daily duties in the call center I used to send to clients a list transactions that didn’t appear to complete correctly. When I took it over the basic duties had not changed in at least 15 years.

1) Our recon department would generate a report (electronic)

2) Print it out on greenbar paper (paper)

3) Bring it to my desk where I’d review it and type up the relevant information into a word document (electronic)

4) Print the lists out (paper)

5) Fax each report to the relevant client (electronic)

6) They’d take the fax (paper)

7) Type the information into their database (electronic).

The printout I got was often a couple hundred pages long and was mostly codes. It would take me a few hours for me to find what I needed. It was incredibly tedious and painstaking. I hated this job.

After I complained enough they eventually emailed me the report and I used Excel to auto-generate my lists with the email as an input. That cut the time down to about 5 minutes per client. Which I’d then print out and fax to clients per policy. Shortly thereafter someone else took over that job and used the same system for a number of years. I was told last year that we now parse the list per client and transmit an encrypted file.

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