Ordered a new phone? Received an empty box?

I used to work for a mobile telephone company in the UK and I posted previously about a call type I enjoyed taking. This is another one where the customer gave me the upper hand.

M = me

C = Customer

(Opening intro and validation)

C: I just got my new phone and the box is empty! Send me another one right now!

M: I am very sorry that the box was empty. I will look into this right away and get this resolved as quickly as I can for you.

C: You better get my new phone here today! This is ridiculous, you always manage to f*** up.

M: I want to change that experience for you today as I understand how disappointed you must feel, not to mention angry. Just to confirm, the phone you should have received was an iPhone 7+?

C: Yes but the box is empty! Get me another one now!

M: Absolutely, thank you for confirming. I will place you on a short hold while i speak to our dispatchers and get this reported and investigated.

C: You can do that later, when will my new phone arrive?

M: Once I have reported this correctly I can confirm all of that for you.

(Customer is annoyed and inpatient. This is usually a red flag)

*I check the IMEI (a unique code every mobile device) of the phone we sent and as per security we check to see if it has been used. *I then double check with the delivery company that they delivered to the correct address, who signed for it and sometimes a description of the person etc.

*Low and behold the iPhone 7+ we sent is being used. *

M: Thanks for holding. I am in the middle of logging this report so we can get the ball rolling for you and I just need a few more details.

C: The box came empty, what else do you need to know?

M: Was it yourself that received the box direct from the delivery driver?

C: What is that got to do with it?

M: When we report these missing phones internally we need all the facts as the boxes are sealed by the manufacturer until you open it. We need to figure out what has happened.

C: Yea I got it from the driver, and now I think about it the seal of the box was broken. So either one of you guys or the driver took it. Either way I want another one today.

M: Ok thank you for confirming. While doing some checks I can see the phone is being used by another number. I am very thorough when it comes to theft so I checked to see if it was a registered number and it does appear to be one registered to you. Is there anyone else who could have opened the box and started using it?

C: No way! Are you calling me a liar!? I opened it straight away so that is not possible.

M: I am just confirming all facts before we continue. It does look as though you are calling from the same number right now. The system also confirms that the phone we delivered today is the one this SIM card is in right now.

C: I’m telling you I don’t have it. Send me another phone or cancel my contract.

M: As it confirms on all of our systems that we have delivered the phone you ordered, which you are now using I am afraid we cannot send another phone nor cancel the contract as you have just upgraded for another 2 years. The only way to cancel would be to return the phone.

C: I did sit the box down for for an hour or so, maybe it was stolen so you still better replace the phone.

M: Sorry just to confirm, was the security seal broken before or after you left the box unattended?

C: I can’t remember.

M: Did the box seem heavy enough to make it seem like the phone was in when you took it from the driver?

C: What is with all these questions! Just send me a new phone or I will report you and your sh**ty company!

M: Ok, for security I will blacklist the device now but if it was stolen from the box after it was delivered you could only get a replacement through an insurance policy, which I see you do not have through us direct.

C: You are a joke!

**Line gets cut off. Not sure if they hung up or it was the blacklisting of the device since he was using the ‘missing’ device to call me on.

I genuinely don’t understand how people think they can scam companies like that. They didn’t even have the common sense to give up when I explained I could see they were calling from the phone they ‘didn’t’ receive. This happened fairly regularly haha.

TL:DR Person orders new phone as part of an upgrade on their contract but claims the box was empty when it arrived. He called from the phone he claimed not to have received so I knew he was lying!

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