Account Recovery at its finest.

Me: standard opening of the call

Customer: “Yeah, hey I need to reset my Password for my account. Can you explain me the instructions?”

Me: “Sure thing! What does it say?”

(Here we go through the long and painful process of reseting her password, since the instructions on her computer screen and the ones I gave her didn’t quite get inside her head. After 10 Minutes we got through it.)

Me: “Great ma’am! Now that we got a new password for you, why don’t you try logging into your account?”

Customer: “Alright. It asks me for my E-Mail address. What do I enter? Can you tell me my E-Mail?”

Agent: “Pardon? We just reset your password for your account didn’t we?”

Customer: “Yeah, but I forgot my E-Mail address.”

I was speechless after that.

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