No, you don’t need a technician to change your tv input.

I work basic tech support at a cable company. A customer calls in because she has “no signal” on the screen so I pull her cable boxes and they’re all online. This is typically a source issue. All we need to do is get the TV to HDMI-1.

Me: “Do you have a remote that says or ?” Customer: “Well I don’t know, I’ll have to get my glasses hold on.”

She PUTS THE PHONE DOWN, goes and finds her glasses. I’m waiting patiently.

Around two minutes go by. Me: “Did you find your glasses?” Customer: “Yes I did.” Me: “Do you have a remote that says or ?” Customer: “Oh, well it’s very dark in here I’ll need to turn the light on.” Me: “Okay. Could you do that please?” Customer: “Oh sure. Hang on just a moment.”

I wait another 30 seconds.

Me: “Did you get the light on?” Customer: “Yes I did but I forgot the question can you repeat it?” Me: “Okay, not a problem! Do you have a remote that says or ?” Customer: “I don’t understand what you’re asking me.” Me: “On your remote, does it say or ?” Customer: “Oh, option 1!” Me: “Okay could you press the tv input for me please?” Customer: “I KEEP DOING THAT BUT IT DISAPPEARS AFTER FIVE SECONDS THIS IS AN EMERGENCY SEND A TECHNICIAN OUT IMMEDIATELY” Me: “Try pressing it twice in a row.” Customer: “WOW I FIXED IT BYE”

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