But I’ve been loyal 20 years..

So yesterday I had this customer pop up who didn’t understand why his account had gotten automatically cancelled.

I proceed to ID him, although, he doesn’t understand since after 20 years of loyalty you should have the right to bypass this step! I explain that loyalty doesn’t keep your account safe, it’s out verification of his identity on every call.

Afterwards, we get to the problem explaining part! His account was cancelled for non-payment..

Me: Sir, the account was cancelled for non-payment, would you like to make an arrangement?

Him: I pay every single month and I’ve been with you for 20 years! That’s how you treat me?

Me: your monthly payment needs to at least cover your past due and as of right now, the oldest debt on your account is over 120 days old.

Anyways, I’ll skip the rest but he seriously wouldn’t budge and I just repeated the same thing over and over.. But he’s been loyal for 20 years. That loyalty comment gets to me every single time!

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