Like the scene from The Santa Clause

So, I work in a third party call center for a large insurance company as an Auto Insurance Agent. This lady calling to report a claim was not only the most ridiculously hilarious call, but also the most confusing. I’ll be $me and she will be $lady and the claims agent will be, well, $claims

$me: Thanks for calling (company) This is Noddy.. blah blah standard verification

$lady: Yeah, I need to report a claim, but I’m not sure if it needs to be homeowners or auto

$me: Okay, I’ll be more than happy to get you to the right area. What happened? (I’m only policy services, I don’t handle claims)

$lady: Well, I fell off my roof, onto my car and broke the windshield, sunroof, and the side mirrors off. Do I have coverage for this and what would be my deductible?

$me: Uh extended pause Were you injured?

$lady: No, just my car.

$me: I’ll be honest with you, I have absolutley no idea what policy this would be claimed under. Let’s figure this out. internally imagining the circumstances to decide if it would be HO or AO, I immediately start giggling and didn’t mute myself in time I’m sorry, that’s just one of the most interesting scenarios possible and I couldn’t stop picturing the scene from Christmas Vacation.

$lady: also laughing I know, it was more along the lines of The Santa Clause, though.

$me: recovering from laughter So, since you weren’t injured, I’m thinking this will be an auto claim. Let me place you on hold just to make sure. (We usually cold transfer to auto claims, but I did a warm transfer just to make sure)

$claims: Auto claims, how can I assist you?

$me: Yeah, this is Noddy from policy services, I have a member on the line with a doozy of a claim and I want to make sure I get her to the right area.

$claims: Okay, so what happened?

$me: Well, she fell off her roof, onto her car and broke the windshield, sunroof, and side mirror.

$claims: Wait, what?

$me: Yeah, I figured it would fall under auto, but I wanted to make sure. I couldn’t decide if it would be a comp or collision claim. I was thinking comp, because technically humans are animals.

$claims: laughing That’s an interesting way to put it; I’m pretty sure this is auto, but let me check with my supervisor because that’s not something we encounter everyday. Was it like that christmas movie with Tim Allen?

$me: According to her, it was exactly like that. I’ll hold.

$claims: Okay, so yeah we would take that as a comp claim, we don’t actually have a designation for it in our system but we’ll figure it out. Send her over.

introduces call and disconnects

I had an oh shit moment when I started laughing, and after my explanation I thought I super fucked up, but the fact that the lady came back with that response literally made my entire day.

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