An email I sent to the manager assist line. Worst call I’ve taken in months.

As the title states, this is an email I sent to the managers in the call center. I’d anything is unclear feel free to ask.

I work for a big bank in the US and Canada.

“I apologize that this is long winded, but as the call included a lot I wanted to provide all the information I could.

(Name, account, session)

She has 2 merchant disputes that she would like immediate credit for. I explained that while I can dispute it, this isn’t fraud so she should try to work with the merchant. She gave the merchants 3 days (during the holiday weekend) and has decided that the bank should refund her immediately. The transactions are as following:

Coupon group: she wants a refund because she didn’t like the mechanic that she got a voucher for. Due to groupons policies, she does not qualify for a refund, which she heard directly from someone from corporate. She doesn’t believe what he said. I personally looked up the policy and the representative was correct.

Silver barn restaurant: she was at the restaurant on new years eve. She said that children were running around and touching the food and that the food was also bad. As an afterthought she said that they also overcharged her by 15$. She has been unable to reach the direct manager at the location she visited.

When she asked how long the dispute process can take and I told her that it can take 30 days she immediately interrupted and demanded a manager. When I asked why, she stated that that was too long to wait. I requested a call back number and she wanted to stay on the line. I explained that the managers were in meetings and she told me again that this is bad customer service. After much back and forth, I was given a callback number and also was able to file the disputes.

Please call — back at your earliest convenience. ___________________________________________”

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That’s not how this works.

Question for call center employees