Some Of This Weeks Highlights …

I work for a grocery chain in the US. I deal with problems with our in-house products, customer comments, and general food questions.

Calls have included; a man who wanted a cash refund over the phone and when told that he would have to return to the store for cash, the customer said “I don’t like the way you do business” and hangs up.

A woman who had food poisoning twice. From our chicken. From two different stores. Who wanted us to refund $120 in groceries. When told that we couldn’t do that and that we would need to investigate and then refund if needed, she turned into a whining child who just wanted money.

Bonus: She had already made a claim at one of our stores about the chicken from her first trip, was told by the store from her second purchase to call us and that we would “give her a gift card or something.” Also, she had no proof of purchase for the second purchase of chicken.

A man who wanted to know the balance of his gift card. I told him that we can’t tell him that in our department and that I would need to transfer him, he decided to scream at me and tell me that I was useless and hangs up.

A man who had a problem with the wording on one of our packages. Specificly the use of the word “cold”. Said that because we can’t guarantee that the soda was cold in the store, it was false advertising. He also kept mentioning that our “marketing team” needed to know and that he wanted to talk to them. I think he was trying to sell us something and also didn’t understand the use of adjectives.

A repeat caller who says that there is more caffeine in cocoa than coffee, that we need to remove the caffeine from the cocoa, and wants to know if I would serve cocoa to my 10 or 12 year old. He does not call with a specific product, just talks about the cocoa, and we can’t ban him because he’s not abusive.

A woman who wanted to know if there was gluten in our seltzer water.

And enough prank callers to fill and elementary school.

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