Interaction w/ Transgender Caller

I work as a VIP Call Center Rep. at a fairly reputable casino/resort. I recently had a phone call from an apparent transgender man. This is how it went.

Note: this guest is NOT a VIP player to begin with

Guest is calling for a suite upgrade for Christmas Eve

Me: “VIP services, this is ______.”

Guest: “Yeah, I was calling to try to get a room upgrade to a suite for tonight.”

Me: “Okay. Can I get your player card number please?”

Guest: Gives PC# I notice the player’s profile says Ms. ______ but I could obviously tell it was a man, so I assumed he was calling for his wife/significant other.

“I have been calling for the past few days to see about upgrading to a suite. I called late last night (after all the VIP reps had gone home) and I didn’t get anyone. I called this morning at 5:30 AM (before the VIP reps had returned), and I was told to call at 8:00 AM when the VIP reps were here, but I couldn’t so I am calling now (@ 2:00 PM).”

Me: “I apologize that no one was here to take your call. What suite were you wanting to upgrade to?”

Guest: “Well, I am handicapped, so I was wanting the handicap smoking suite in such and such hotel.”

Note: we have several hotels on property

Me: “Okay, well as of right now, that suite is currently booked and unavailable.”

Guest: “Well, it was available at 5:30 this morning when I called, but they said that VIP would have to upgrade me and you guys weren’t there at 5:30. So they told me to call back at 8:00. I couldn’t call at 8:00, so I am calling now.”

Me: “I do apologize for that, but like I said, as of right now, that suite is unavailable.”

Guest: “Well it was available at 5:30 this morning.”

Me: I understand that, but unfortunately we have had several calls since then and it has since been booked.”

Guest: “Well, it was available at 5:30 this morning.”

Me: I realize that this guest is clearly not comprehending what I am saying at this point, so I start to get a little frustrated

“Sir, I understand that, but…”

I could obviously tell that this was a biological man speaking on the other end of the line.

Guest: cuts me off

“I am a Mrs., and you will address me as such!”

Me: Slightly confused, I proceed to apologize and correct myself for her sake.

“I apologize for that, ma’am.”

Guest: “That suite was available at 5:30 this morning and no one was here to take my call.”

Note: only VIP can do suite upgrades on weekends and holidays

Me: “I understand that and I apologize, but we have had calls all morning and that suite is currently unavailable.”

Guest: “I don’t care about anyone else. All I care about is me! You guys should be available at all times. We gamblers don’t have a schedule. We are up gambling at all hours of the night.”

Screw us and screw sleep I guess.

From there the guest continues to use the same argument for about 10 more minutes, and I continue to tell the guest that the suite she is wanting is unavailable. I accidentally slip up and call the guest “sir” again, so again, I apologized. The guest then wanted to speak with my supervisor (because she didn’t get the upgrade she wanted, even though she wasn’t eligible for it anyway). I offered to let the guest speak with my supervisor, and after going through all that trouble, the guest just hangs up.

I thought this might give someone a chuckle on this glorious Christmas Day.


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