All about those Chemicals

I just got off of this call, after a grueling 2 hours of argument. I do not feel successful, nor do I feel much of anything. For background: I work general customer service for a major appliance company. I schedule service, basic troubleshooting, and answer any customer’s questions about their appliances. I have a background/degree in law before this however, and that comes in incredibly important in this tale.

Bug shall be me. Prop shall be the customer.

Bug: Hi thanks for calling X my name is Bug! May I ask your name?

Prop: I’m Prop. And I have a question about my new washer?

Bug: Sure thing! What can I help with?

I went through all the pleasantries of registering the appliance/getting address for service, etc at this point.

Prop: Um…in this little book thing, it says that this thing could have chemicals that cause cancer and affect pregnancy?!?

I instantly get this feeling of dread from her shrill cry. Not one of the dreaded chemical law calls. Everybody’s seen the tags, “According to the State of California this product contains chemicals known to the state that can cause cancer/pregnancy issues.” Well…everyone but this lady.

I’ll spare you the full 2 hour play by play, but it was somewhat like this:

Bug: Oh, yes ma’am. That’s a tag that by the state of California must be attached to anything manufactured to be sold there as a warning by Proposition 65.

Prop: SO. I’m IN California! And I’M PREGNANT! WHY did my store not tell me that this could hurt my unborn CHILD????

Bug: Ma’am…that law simply states that if anything is manufactured or comes in contact with one of any eight hundred chemicals we MUST label it accordingly.

Prop: Well WHICH chemicals was it?!

I blinked, tried to find information, was unable to give her a complete list, as a result she argued with me for a while. Said that if she miscarries she’s suing whirlpool. She wants to return it for one that doesn’t have that sticker, informed her we couldn’t do that. It wasn’t functionally failing.

Lady kept insisting, unfortunately it took her two HOURS to ask for a supervisor. Can we return it? No. What chemicals are they? Gives her website for list. gave the lady the exact website/phone number to contact the CA division of state law in charge of that who would have that list on hand.Wash, rinse, repeat.

Over. And over. And over again.

I finally broke.

Bug: I have supervisor X on the line waiting for you Ma’am, but first may I ask you a question?

Prop: YEAH??? WHAT!!!

Bug: ….if you check different things in your home do you think you would find the same warning on them?

Prop: I have NEVER found that warning anyWHERE!

I still guarantee if she checked her pillow, tv, hell…paint on the WALLS it would say the same exact thing. Lead told her the same thing I did and argued back.

I got a IM from that lead later on asking me why I always get the crazies. I replied that I was just lucky I guess.

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