"Why do you keep lying to me?"

I’m working in a Call Center for a retailer selling electronics in Germany. Basically, the call centers purpose is to keep calls away from the stores and to answer basic questions and general information like “do you have item x in stock?”, “what are your opening times?” “if i buy a washing machine, can you install it for me?” stuff like that.

So i got a call that kinda went like this: (Sorry if the formating is off, i’m typing this on my phone) (Me is me, C is Customer, S is a dude in the store)

Me: Welcome to Generic Electronic Store Cityname, my name is Ahsona Tano, how may i help you?

C: Hello, do you have Aquastop tubes for a washing machine of brandname

So, a normal, do you have that in stock question, so i looked it up.

Me: Sorry sir, unfortunately we do not have Aquastop tubes in stock right now.

C: Mhm, can i speak to someone from the washing machine department in your store?

Me: May i ask why, sir?

C: i want to ask an expert, you’re just a call center

Me: Sir, my coworkers in the store have the same system as me, they will tell you the same.

C: I want to hear it from them, please connect me with someone Ms. Tano!

He was already starting to sound pissed, so i pushed my luck calling someone in the store. They do not always pick up. Also i had to hope that they understood the situation, because usually we should not call then for a question like that.

S: couldn’tunderstandhisname, hello?

Me: Hi, This is Tano from the call center. I have an Customer on hold who asks if we have Aquastop tubes in stock. I think he doesn’t believe me that there aren’t any.

S: Well, we don’t have any in stock right now, unfortunately i can’t take the call, i’m fully loaded with customers aswell. Send me a message with his phone number, i’m gonna call him back.

Me: alright, thank you, bye.

So i get the Customer out of queue.

Me: Thank you for your patience, unfortunately my coworker is busy helping customers in the store right now. However, if i…

C: So you talked with someone from the store?

Me: yes i did and he said that..

C: What is the name of the person?

Me: Sorry sir, unfortunately i can’t tell you, i couldn’t understand his name.

C: i want the name if the person you talked to Ms. Tano! Pls call there again and ask for the name.

Well, he started to get louder, so i put him back in queue and call the store again, no one picks up.

Me: Thank you for your patience once again, unfortunately no one picked up this time around. However, if you would give me your phone number, i can leave a message so the person can call you back.

C: could you please repeat that in a nicer tone?

Me: repeats

C: Ms.Tano, don’t talk to me in that tone, pls repeat what you said

Me: repeats again

C: you keep lying to me, first you say there are no Aquastop tubes, then you say you talked to someone in the store but couldn’t connect me, you’re lying.

Me: Sir, i assure you that i’m not lying, i offered you..

C: why do you keep lying to me? I’m going to fill out an official complaint to Generic Electronics Store mentioning this impolite customer service and also mentioning your name Ms. Tano, have a nice day.

And he hangs up.

Dude, i might be just in a call center but i’m still working for the store. Also talking about me being impolite while he interrupts me all the time.

Just why.

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