Why are you not listening!?

Today’s most frustrating call.

Inbound call:

Me: Hello you’re through to -redacted- how can I help? Caller (customers husband): Hello I received a missed call. M: Ah yes it looks like we were looking to speak to … we had an update that we needed to speak to her about. C: so why are you calling MY number. M: this is the only number on file she must have given it as her primary contact when she signed up with us. C: you’re a liar, no she didn’t. Stop calling me. M: I’m sorry, if you would like I can update the number so that we call her instead. What should I change it to? C: No you’re not you’re taking my number off the system. M: (actually hasn’t got the authority to remove the number but can request it get updated, we are telephone based so removing the number isn’t exactly helpful) well I can’t do that. I can update it or let the system call you. We need a contact number. What number would she like us to use? C: no you’re not listening. Stop calling me. She doesn’t want anything to do wit you anymore and I will escalate this if you keep calling me.

(This is an automated dailler because there is action needed on her file… it will ring every three hours until this is completed… nothing I can do about that)

M: if she wants to cancel she needs to write I to the cancellation team and they will handle that. I can’t take your number off our system nor can I simply cancel her file at your request. I can update the number or she can write in. C: you’re lying. I know you’re lying now listen here stop calling me.

Repeat for a good half hour… before he hangs up.

Why are some people so dense. I get it. You don’t want calling. But you’re not the client. You can’t make decisions for her. But you can take the options I have given you.

Hanging up on me changes nothing.

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Its "The"

"Why do you keep lying to me?"