Persistence is a virtue. So is listening.

This morning, a woman called in asking about 1) her rental car and 2) her inability to log into her online account to get a document. She was very upset when she called in.

Now, the problem is that in order to get an extension on her rental car, she needed to talk to a specific person. Let’s call that person Ashley. As it was a Monday morning after Thanksgiving and Ashley likely had 500 people trying to talk to her, she wasn’t available.

I talked her into calming down by explaining what we could do. I would email her the document and then transfer her to the online account tech support. While that was happening, I would send a message to Ashley to have this woman called back within one day. I advised that we could not reach Ashley, but if she liked I could transfer her to voicemail.

Everything calmed down, seemed fine, I sent the woman off to tech support and sent Ashley a message.

About two hours later, I got another person asking after Ashley (a much more reasonable person, who accepted their callback) and got curious as to the status of the first woman. Since our encounter two hours ago, she had called in five times.

1) She felt her property had been damaged by one of our business partners. She was advised to speak to Ashley, became angry, and hung up.

Next, Ashley called her. She was very upset, but Ashley extended her rental and spoke to her about the property. The woman asked for Ashley’s manager, and Ashley told her that the manager was in a meeting. He would call her back within one business day. The woman became irate, swore at Ashley, and hung up.

2) She called in asking for the manager. Ashley’s notes were not yet in the file, so we reached out to the manager who told us he was in a meeting. When we relayed that to her, she swore at us and hung up.

3) She did #3, but asked when the manager would be out of the meeting. When the manager did not respond and the employee tried to advise the one day call back, the woman swore at us and then hung up.

4) She did #3, just with a different person and more swearing. This person disconnected the call due to abuse.

A note from Ashley, who had been transferred a call, likely from the woman calling back between #4 and #5. She advised again the procedure for the business partner (we are getting pictures of the damages and discussing if they were from what caused the original damage, or from the business partner) and asked the woman to wait for the manager to call her back. Ashley also asked her to wait two-three days for the pictures to arrive and be looked at. More swearing, more hanging up.

5) She called her personal vendor (who was repairing the property) and asked if she could remove her property from our business partner. They called us, confirmed, and then conferenced in the business partner. She must have paid $75 to have the property taken elsewhere. Mind you, someone still needs to look at this property before we can pay her. We have people on site with out business partner, it’s going to be at least a week before someone can go out to the new location (and get pictures of those damages).

One last note was here, which consisted of Ashley paying our business partner for their time and trouble. I really want to know how that talk with the manager goes now.

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