Just because you don’t like the answer doesn’t mean it’s bad customer service…

I had a guy email my company’s Support Box on Saturday asking about a security certificate error he was seeing on his hosted website with us. His browser was giving a standard “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate.”

I checked and he didn’t have a security certificate set up on his account, but I knew we could add one to the site if he wanted.

I emailed him back, all cheery and optmistic, explaining the site was working, there was just no SC, you can add one if you want, etc.

Fool that I was, I figured that’d be the end of it. Instead, he emailed me back two times, complaining that it was a problem on our side and we needed to fix it.

The first time he replied, I just figured I needed to be a little clearer in my explanation.

The second time made it obvious he just wasn’t reading or caring about anything I said.

After his third snarky reply, I almost gave up, but tried valiantly once more to explain the same thing for the 4th time.

For whatever reason, my fourth email appeared to be the charm and he said he’d call Customer Service Monday. All seemed well… or so I thought.

I had the next two days off of work, blissfully ignorant of any communications by this walnut.

My good mood was ruined when I came into work this morning, to find an email that he had sent to one of the supervisors, claiming I and the other tech (who’d talked to him before me) had sent “aimless communications” and hoped that she could help us “improve our performance”. He was still bitching about the damn security certificate!

I was livid. I had explained very politely and clearly three times what he was seeing and he still had the nerve to complain about it?

Just goes to show you can’t even with some people.

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