My advice: Keep "junk" emails

Hotel reservations agent here. When a customer holds a reservation with a credit card and they cancel the reservation after a certain time of day, or don’t show up for the reservation, they will be charged a 1-day stay for the cancellation.

So customer calls me at reservations to cancel a credit card hold on a reservation.

I ask for the last name and reservation number. Customer starts in on me, screaming at me she doesn’t have the reservation number (which without the #, I cannot cancel the reservation) because she doesn’t keep “junk emails.”

Said “junk email” contained her name, name of property she made reservation for, phone number and address of property, dates of reservation, and reservation number.

She read me the riot act and hung up on me.

My advice? Keep those junk emails with important financial information in them that you will need in the future.

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