And you’re calling me about this because…?

Me: Thank you for calling the medical center. How can I help you?

Parking Attendant: Hi I work for the parking service at the garage in the hospital and one of the cardiology patients was angry that he had to pay for parking and cussed me out.

Me: Um, okay?

PA: They can’t do that. You’ve got to tell them they can’t treat us like that.

Me: Do you have any of the patient’s information like their name?

PA: No but it was a guy with grey hair. He said he was going to cardiology. Maybe just 10 minutes ago.

[There are at least half a dozen cardiology clinics in this particular hospital]

Me: Do you know which specialty within cardiology?

PA: no but someone needs to talk to that patient and tell them not to cuss us out. That’s not okay.

Me: I’m sorry that happened to you but I can’t do anything about it. You can call security but that’s not a clinic issue. If you don’t have any information other than the patient’s hair color it’s going to be very difficult to identify who it is.

PA: Oh. Okay well… they still shouldn’t do that. You need to tell him that. [click]

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