When On Demand Crashes

Most of our calls are starting to settle down after Irma. However, two days ago, the third party who provides On Demand had a server crash, and therefore, our customers lost it.

…And they lost it…

I mean, it was non-stop back to back calls for 18 hours straight. People were holding for an hour with the automated message saying, “we’re having issues with On Demand. If you’re having an error code, we’re diligently working on it. We do not have an estimated time of resolution.” Then it would say “most of the time, rebooting your cable box, blah blah blah”, and back to “on demand is a known issue, still no ETA.”

So you think people would listen and be like, “oh there’s an issue”, but no. They don’t.

And after they would get to me, they’d demand a credit. On demand is a free service, unless you order a movie. Then it’s a ppv movie rental. But 9.99/10, you’re trying to watch a free show.

It’s frustrating. I get it. But no, I can’t credit you for a free service like the guide. No. No ETA. No. I’m not useless. Your normal HBO channels are working, on demand is free and separate from that. Yes, the automated system was right. Okay, thanks for calling.

I reach the end of my eight hour shift. I’m done. I’m over the yelling. The arguing over credits. The name calling. I’m done. Last call of the night:

Me: -asks for name and address on account-

Cst: why. Why do I have to keep doing this?! Fucking shit, lady. I’m so over this.

Me: okay, I’m sorry. I’m really happy to help, but nothing pulled over, and I need it to see your account so I can help.

She finally gives it to me. One small victory. Yay.

“How can I help, Ms. Cst?”

-screeches- there’s so much yelling and cussing. I can’t understand. I make out one word: playback.

Me: “I’m happy to help. I’m so sorry. I’m a little confused. When you mean playback, are you trying to watch a recording or on demand?”

Cst: “WELL YOU’RE SO HELPFUL. NEITHER. NEITHER. Why are you so useless?!?!?!”

Me: “….okay. let’s try this. What channel are you on?”

cst: “1. I’m on channel 1.”

Me: “thank you. That’s our on demand channel, and -“

Cst: -cuts me off- “That’s what I said. On demand. I’m having issues with on demand. I held for 1 hour for you to finally figure out I’m having issues with on demand.”

(And 15 automated messages about on demand errors. Lol.)

And I’ll just sum up the rest of the call. It didn’t go very well. After I told her about the outage…There was lots of yelling. Lots of screaming. Lots of name calling. Lots of belittling. I didn’t say a word over the next 10 minutes.

She goes on about how sorry she is for me while the CEO makes millions off of me taking the heat for stupid shit. (My only thought here was that if she was so sorry, why wouldn’t she shut the fuck up already. Her voice was just like nails on chalkboard.)

She was a supervisor at a call center. She would fire me if I worked for her.(Doubt it, screech lady. Most call center employees are nice to other call center employees.)

And finally she concludes with “I should cancel. I hate you all anyways. Yeah, I want to cancel my fucking services. How about that?”

And I finally got to speak. “Sure, let me get you to the people that can help you with that.”

And she was silent. Finally. For like 30 whole seconds. And she finally muttered, “do it.”

And then hung up before I could transfer.

I went home after that call. And I ordered an on demand movie just because. And it worked. Surprisingly.

And I didn’t even watch it. I just ordered it in spite. Best $2.70 of my life. 🙂

Edit: “for” to fire****

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