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First time poster on this subreddit but I have tons of crazy stories from my days of being a CSR at a cookware company . Here’s a good one. (Formatting. On mobile)

Me: hello thank you for calling “cookware co” how can I help you? Him: my pan is burnt up from years of use so I want a new one. Me: I’m sorry, sir, we do not have direct sales but we sell our products at XY and Z etc if you want to purchase another. Him: no, I want you to send me one per the warranty! Me: I’m very sorry, but I cannot just send you one. You’re welcome to send it into us and if there’s a problem with the product and it’s not from any type of abuse or misuse we can replace it. Him: I don’t want to do that, I want you to send me a new one. Me: I’m sorry I cannot do that, per our warranty. Him: is this any way to treat a stock holder of your company? Me: ummm we are a privately owned company, we don’t sell stock of our company…. Him:….. Me:…… Him:……. Me: is there anything else I can do for you? Click!

The things people will say to get free stuff. I guarantee he just got good use of a pan but someone in our company thought slapping a “lifetime warranty” sticker on our stuff was a good idea so we had to deal with people abusing the crap out of their cookware and then expects us to replace it.

Also, at the time, the company was owned by 4 or so investors under a corporate name and there were no stock options available to the public. And I know it was none of them. Rich millionaires were not buying our products and then calling to complain about them! Lol

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