My Laptop Won’t charge.

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So, I work at an ISP doing tech support. Now, we do offer basic support for third party clients as well as equipment. I spoke to a customer I will call M. Now, M had got herself a laptop and she was having issues charging it. This is how that conversation went.

D: So, you’re having issues charging your laptop?

M: Yes. I constantly have to move the wire and it still barely charges.

D: Have you thought about replacing the cable?

M: I actually have twice and it’s still not charging.

D: I see. So, is there anything that you might’ve done to it? Like dropped it by mistake?

M: silence

D: … hello?

M: Well, uh. I lit a cigarette and stuck it in the charge hole because I thought something was stuck in it and I wanted to burn it.

D: half of my brain burns I believe you have damaged your laptop. You may want to see a computer repair shop.

M: Oh, okay. Thank you. click

This was a first for me. This took ridiculous to a whole other level.

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