Are you listening to a word I’m saying?

I should note here that there wasn’t a language barrier. She just wasn’t paying attention to anything I was saying.

Me: Thank you for calling the medical center. How can I help you?

Oblivious lady: I want to schedule an appointment with the X clinic.

Me: [verifies chart information] I see we have a referral. Let me take a look.

[The referral is in a status where it needs more info. I read the notes attached and it’s because we don’t have any insurance on file. The letter that was sent to the patient has resources for how to apply for Medicaid as well as the phone number for our financial counseling office so she can apply for charity care. ]

Me: I see that we don’t have insurance for you on file. Do you have insurance?

OL: No

Me: Okay well the clinic will need some sort of insurance on file in order to schedule. I have a number for our financial counselor office and they can help you apply for Medicaid or look into getting you financial assistance. Would you like their number?

OL: Sure 555- (proceeds to try and give me her own number)

Me: OL I don’t need your number. You’ll need to call financial assistance on Monday if you’d like to go that route. Would you like their number?

OL: (tries to give me her number again)

Me: I have your phone number. I don’t have a way to message financial assistance. You’ll need to call them.

OL: I don’t want to do that.

Me: Then I’m afraid I have no way to schedule you. Would you like me to just close the referral?

OL: Yeah….

Me: I’ll do that. Anything else I can help you with?

OL: I want to schedule on Monday.

Me: OL, as I said before I’m not able to schedule you until you speak with financial aid and get some sort of insurance on file with us.

OL: So I need insurance to see a doctor?

Me: Yes

OL: How do I get that?

Me: (thinking: I literally said this multiple times now if you’d pay attention) If you call financial assistance they’ll help you with that process.

OL: What’s their number?

Me: 555-555-5555

OL: and when I have insurance I can schedule?

Me: Yes.

OL: [click]

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