Your too calm, and your backup is slow.

LTL FTP I work for a large data backup company in the US. Some context: With the hurricane coming for Florida, we are getting an influx of customers calling to make sure their data is backed up, or start backing up with 2 maybe 3 days before landfall for Irma.

M: your calm cool collective agent. C: Customer who thinks the internet is blazing fast.

M: Hi thank you for calling company, my name is M, can I have account info please?

C: Yes its

I get account info, and get everything pulled up, and find an open ticket. Read it, and recap to customer.

C: Yes, that is correct, the problem is I spent $$$ and now the backup is currently at 18% uploading. Why is it taking so long? I have 40Mbps.

M: My apologies for what you are experiencing. I can’t see too much here on my side (We only see the state of the backup, no real time data). I will be more than willing to start a remote session and look into this for you to make sure it is working fine.

C: Your name is M, right? M: yes. C: I do not like you calm manner in this, I have a hurricane coming, I am in a rush, and your product is slow, and not fast enough.

(I apologize again, I advise customer than her ISP could be the issue here. Most ISP’s have a slow upload, even for business customers nowadays. I tell her I can do a remote again, and I can look into this.)

I want make sure that throttling is not on, nothing funky with system etc.

C: If I take the drive the local backup is on, will it still back up to the cloud?

(Me thinks, says silently “and how would that work?”)

M: The backup will fail and not continue since the local was removed. However, you can take that local with you as you leave, and if anything happens, you can recover without issue.

C: I do not like this, I want a refund of everything.

(I got a bit cold to her, but this was for her to see straight, or something)

M: I can give a refund however once it is processed and if you need to recover data, you will not have any means of recovery.

Silent pause

M: Now what can be done is we can refund the 3 year, and you can renew under a 1 year plan, that will keep everything going, and recover as well.

C: OK, once I return, I will go through and complete that.

We cover a few things, and go back and forth on this call calmly. Customer is done. End call with a lukewarm closing. I check out the account during the call, and find she purchased Tuesday thinking everything will be done by Thursday.

This just shows that no one values their data and will not do anything until its basically too late. Customers a high end company in the boat market in Florida. Backup is there for a reason. Also she could of gotten a free trial too. Sadly I see to many company’s not invest in IT or even very basic backups to keep data safe and off site.

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