"Sir, I’m doing my job."

I work in a call center for a large utility company and usually Mondays are our big shut off date. Usually everyone calls in wanting a restore, but sometimes people will call and ask for a extension after service is shut off. We don’t offer that, and the only way we offer a payment plan is if they are low income or a senior.

So I had a customer on the line who wanted an extension for his already disconnected service, which is another thing we don’t offer. I went over how to verify as low income with him, I offered outside agencies who might help pay his bill, and I gave him his restore amount.

The conversation went something like

“So, if I want to verify as low income it takes 3 business days? So you’re telling me I’m not going to have power till Thursday?”

“Yes, sir, if you send it in today before 6pm. If not we’re looking at Friday.”

“Well, SOME of us have JOBS, and only get paid every other week! I can’t go three days without power, and what if I don’t get approved?”

“Then we would require the past due balance, a security deposit, and a reconnection charge.”

“So I’d have to wait till next Friday?”

“Yes, but I still think you should send in that documentation.”

“Get a job, lady!”

“Sir, I’m doing my job.”

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