Not so much a tale as a query

There is a tale attached to this but it’s a bit boring and bottom line is that I sided with the customer who wanted to change a lot of account details.

Me: carries out full data protection and disclosure

“Due to the number of changes I just need to do some further confirmations”

C: gives me account details including date of birth, phone number on account, last place of activity and the amount of goodies she received in her lasts quarter mailing.

Me: I’ll make those changes for you now and they’ll show on your online account within 24 hours.

This is where the shitshow begins, the customer is changing the gender (no option for fluid just M or F but we do have Mx. as a title) and name along with the email address and how her loyalty rewards are dealt with. The ivory tower people in my building were very not happy expected me to get the customer to scan and email in the official change of name form to prove they weren’t trying to sneakily transfer an account to someone else.

Considering I spent 20 minutes talking to the lady I refused. The postal address, phone numbers, date of birth and attached online details were all the same. I won eventually and now they are reviewing the policy. 🙁

I just wanted to know if your centre had any guildlines/policys for transgender/gender neutral customers and updating things to reflect their wishes?

TL:DR transgender MtF emails in, I call do every single bit of DP and disclosure I can think of. Do the changes and management spat their dummy out as Think customer might be trying to circumvent the no account transfer to another person T&C.

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