Hurricane Roadside

I work for MANUFACTURER_ROADSIDE. Not insurance. Complimentary roadside based off warrantys.

During the middle of Hurricane Irma (forget the date but like when it was hitting Florida the hardest after having devastated Puerto Rico and most of the Bahamas), some lady called on behlaf of her husband. No idea where she was but he was at home basically in one of the worst effected areas and the vehicle was in a driveway not starting.

After asking some probing questions to rule out her vehicle having been flooded and sincerely just needs a jumpstart, I notify her I’m not certain if I can send anyone but will contact the providers in her area.

As imagined, all the providers I call laugh me off the phone and tell me no one is allowed out on the roads and not even emergency services are currently going out.

Explain this to the customer and she sounds sad but accepts it.

Calls back maybe 15 mins later and gets a different agent next to me who goes through the same process.

Calls back another hour or so and happens to get me.

DC = Delusional Customer This is all shortened and paraphrased.

Me: thanks for calling roadside, how can I help

DC: Yeah Im calling to see if how far out your special unit that you had sent is?

Me: (internally laughing when I get her name and see it in my notes from a few calls ago. We have no “special unit” as Im sure you deduced.) Well….I see here you are in an area heavily effected by the hurricane and the emergency services in your area and providers are not allowed on the roads. Pls stay safe and call back after the hurricane has passed.

DC: oh its basically gone now so can you send someone. Me: I can try (basically just to humor her)

I get laughed off the phone by 2 more providers and tell the customer basicay no dice and again, she sounds like shes going to cry.

Kind of sad cuz I feel like she just was worried about her husband but you had weeks to plan for this and I’m pretty sure its safer to bunker down then to try to make a mad dash away from a hurricane on flooded/debris filled roads that youre legally restricted from using at the moment. Idk what the heck they were thinking.

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