How can an arrangement almost pay off the bill?

I had just gotten back from a music festival, so I’d been in a pretty great mood. This lady fucked all that up.

Her svc was about to be interrupted due to an unpaid balance of like 200 dollars or so. She doesn’t understand why, because she’d made her payments. And to be fair, she had been keeping her arrangements. I looked at her acct, and saw that while yes, she paid off 400 dollars, it didn’t quite cover everything due to time constraints that we have.

I explain this to her, very politely, because she has a right to be angry about it due to it not being explained properly before.

She doesn’t fucking get it. “How can an arrangement not cover the bill”

“Because it didn’t fit in our time frame”

“But why wouldn’t it?”

“Because it would have gone over X days”

“But why wouldn’t it be fully covered?”

“Because it didn’t cover the full amount. I’ll be happy to work out an arrang”

“No, I shouldn’t owe that money”.

Lady just wouldn’t stop. I can understand being annoyed, but I cannot fathom not understanding some basic shit. You can ask the questions 100 times, the answer will be the same. I can’t fix the past. I can’t change it. All I can do is try and fix the issue. But of course, no. Let’s not even bother.

Let’s complain about being on the phone for 3 hours (I’m sure your constant filibustering isn’t the problem). Let’s complain that it’s not fair. Let’s complain and complain some more until we’ve wasted both our lives on some shit that could have been taken care of quickly if you weren’t demanding stupid shit and refusing to accept that sometimes life isn’t perfect.

Fucking professional victim.

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