Her issue is more important than my schedule

So today I was doing outbound catch up basically. My job is inbound but sometimes issues come up on customers accounts where we need to reach out to them, or they email us and ask for a callback. They do this so they can jump the line and don’t feel like waiting on hold. I really don’t like these ones, they clog up our outbound time and they’re always SUPER entitled about wait times.

Anyway, I really love outbound because 80% of the time they don’t answer so I just get paid to leave voicemails all day. The customer in question has been emailing us for MONTHS to no avail. Her issue MUST be dealt with over the phone and she flat out refuses to call us because of our ‘wait times’ and never answers when we call her. Now, we have VERY generous hours, and literally NO wait times on the weekends.

So I give this lady a call and Jesus take the wheel she answers. I introduce myself and tell her I’m calling about her ongoing issue.

Customer: UGH finally you people call! I’ve only been trying to get a hold of you for months!

Me: Oh I’m so sorry to hear that… (then I get into how to resolve her issue which would literally take 5 minutes)

C: Well I can’t deal with this right now, I’m driving, call me back in 2 hours.

Me: I’m sorry, my shift is over in 45 minutes, I can’t call you back but you can always call-

C: (cutting me off) Well that’s not very good customer service is it?!????!?

Me: I’m…sorry? (WTF???)

C: Well have someone else call me then.

Me: I’m sorry, I’m the only one doing outbound tonight but our wait time is virtually non ex-


She hung up. Did she expect me to stay behind an extra hour for her or something?!!? Holy crap. Be a big girl like the rest of our customers and pick up the damn phone and call us yourself.

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