2 classic tales + nice bonus tale :)

I work in a callcenter in a puplic service agency in europe and our callers seem to be mostly polite and reasonable :))

I hope to not loose the situations in translation and without the whole context.

First Tale:

So, we have on start of every month a payday, on this day all the money for the previous month will be payed to the people, who qualified for it.

my first tale is a classic for me – happens every month on payday several times:

(I = me, Client = C)

me: standard greeting

C: where is my money? i was told, yesterday was payday, and i have not gotten my money

me: (normal procedure idenfication process with client, looking account up) In your account with our puplic service agency all seems right, we sent the money on the right day, so it should have been in your bank account during yesterday.

C: so, where is my money?

me: we passed 821,45€ for payment, it was sent to the same bank account as the previous months – have you had a change of your bank account?

C: no, but i have not looked in my bank account, if the money is there.

Me: … Ok then please look it up, there should be 821,45€ posted yesterday.

C: thanks, i will

really i do not understand, why so many people call us, where their money is, before they even looked, if it isnt already in theiry account.

(i fully understand, that it is possible to overlooking it, if your account balance is negative (and stays so, but you thought it will be positive, when the money is received) or if the bank takes some of it, as soon as it is posted in their bank account, cause they are owning theiry bank money)

Second tale:

Our Callcenter is a half a hour longer available than the physical branches. it is few minutes before the branches are closed.

i will be me, client will be C

me: standard greeting

C: Hello, how long are you open today?

me: per phone you can reach us till (closing time callcenter) and personally we are open till (closing time branch, half an hour before callcenter closes – and as for time of call, in a few minutes).

C: ok, i will be there in 15 minutes.

me: sorry the branch closes at (time) – that is in a few minutes. Maybe i can help you?

C: no, i will be there in 15 minutes.

me: im sorry, but the house will be closed, when you arrive in 15 minutes

C: so i cant go in?

me: Yes, i’m sorry – maybe i can help you?

C: no, i will go tomorrow.

and as it happened today, a very nice bonus happy tale i also want to share – from someboby who was

1) friendly,

2)prepared and

3) thought ahead and took care of his responibilities!

we all have too often calls, where the people do not qualify for some (and more rare for all) of this points – so i want to share this nice call with you 🙂

i will be me – he will be C (client).

me: standard greeting procedure – followed by verification process with him.

C: i only want to be shure, you know, that i will stay in hospital for an op next week.

me: yes it is noted, that you will stay in hospital from (date). i see in your account, that we still need the papers for september.

(some clients needs to send us montly papers – at the end of the month, so we can proof, they qualfify for the money of this month. Also: insurance is linked to this money – when you do not qualify, you are not insuranced with this agency. Normaly no problem, if we get the papers later within a timeline – when he qualifies for money, he will be insuranced during this time backdated. But, he will stay in hospital next week and i do want to avoid problems for him with his insurance, so i mention it previously for him – cause from hospital it will be difficult for him to handle it)

C: thank you! i know – i already prepared them and will send them via mail in a few minutes – then all should be prepared and i will receive my money in time (and as i mentioned – more important in this case is the insurance on time).

me: i hope so – but i can not asure you, it will be handled in time for payday (cause many people are sending papers at the end of month), but the money and insurance will be sent, when it is executet from our part.

c: no problem, i already talked to the insurance company and my landlord – if the money and insurance is a few days late, so they know and there will be no misshaps during my stay in hospital.

me: it seems you have prepared, what you can – from our side, we can check your qualification when we have the papers and all is set. for the time you are sick, your money will come in the same height from the insurance and not us.

c: should i contact them, do you know this?

me: i recommend it, when you havent gotten money from them in the near past, check if they have your current bank account number, or they will send you the money via postal service to your home adress – and as you are staying in the hospital, that could be inconvenient.

c: thank you very much – then i am prepared as i can be.

me: yes it seems so 🙂 please contact us, when you know from what date you will be well again.

c: i will – i wish you a great weekend

me: thank you, you also – and get well with your op.

it was a really pleasant call and i do like it so much, when the people think ahead and avoid problems 🙂 (had some calls with the same situation – but they called, when they were already in hospital and had no possibility to send us the needed papers so we could qualify them the money and insurance)

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