“Yeah, we kicked them all out for doing cocaine in the bathroom on a mirror.”

Me: “Hi, it’s (name) from (agency.) Can I get your bed count for this morning?” (Part of my job was to call for bed counts to shelters so we knew how many people to send over.)

Woman: “Yup. We have six beds open.”

Me: “Okay I’m marking you down as six beds open. Kinda surprised. What happened?” (This shelter was our most popular.)

Woman: “Well we were doing security checks last night, and security walks into the bathroom right? He sees this guy SNORTING COCAINE on the bathroom mirror and another one on snorting cocaine on the floor.”

Me: “On… the… floor?”

Woman: “Yeah, I know. That is what I said. So we kicked them all (two) out, then we had two other guys fight each other, and one guy stabbed someone with a knife. He’s fine. We kicked them both out ‘cuz the guy who got stabbed punched the other guy first… Let’s see what else happened?”

Me: “Uh. I will mark you down for six beds-”

Woman: “Yeah, do that. Oh yeah now I remember, one guy OD’d and one punched a staff member. But yeah, mark us down for six beds, sweetie.”

Me: “Not a problem.”

(Not your typical shelter day, I guess.)

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“You want me to help evict your underage son? Fine, let me get you arrested in the process.”

“No. I am not a customer. I am your coworker.”