Blacklisted a guy from ever calling us again

So at my center it takes a lot to get your number blocked, and I mean a lot. We’ve had people show up at the office and threaten physical violence to our staff who were still allowed to call back in.

So this guy, who I will call Twatface MacAsshole calls in, and within five seconds, I know this is going to be a shitshow, instead of saying hello, or I’ve got a problem, or any other pleasantries after I give my form-standard introduction, Twatface begins with “You fucks need to fix my car.”

Oh boy.

Me: Well, if we’re going to do that, I need to get some information from you.

TM: No, you can look that up yourself.

At this point, I just wanted to hang up on him, but I ran his phone number through our system and pulled up his name.

Me: Okay, I think I found you here, is your name Twatface MacAsshole?

TM: You need to fix my car, cocksucker. You’re being sued –

Me: Let me stop you right there, if you can’t be professional with me, I will terminate the call. (Luckily, my center allows us to do this, unluckily, I have to warn him three times before I can.)

TM: (now screaming) Don’t you fucking hang up on me, I’ve wasted an hour already calling in about this (as soon as he says this, I’m pulling up old cases, y’all, he had already been hung up on by five other agents that day, and four more the day before.) and you need to fix my fucking car.

Me: You are outside the warranty that was provided by that lawsuit, we have no obligation to repair your car.

TM: How do you reconcile having a job like that? Is $15.22 an hour enough for you to be yelled at by me?

Guys, he knew down to the cent what my job paid, that freaked me out.

Me: As you are continuing to be unprofessional, I am giving you a final warning, stop shouting and insulting me, or I will disconnect the call.

TM: If you hang up on me I’m just going to keep calling back until you give me what I want.

Twatface MacAsshole disconnected the call at this point, and I put myself in ACW. As I’m gathering notes from my call and the calls from the past two days, he calls in again to one of my coworkers and starts screaming at her loud enough that I can hear it from two desks over. I flag her down and tell her to just hang up on him, I’m handling it.

Y’all, by the time I’m done gathering evidence against this guy, I have nearly forty cases covering almost sixty calls over a two month span. How this guy hadn’t already been blacklisted is beyond me. He had screamed at every single advocate on our floor except the newbies who had only been around for a few days.

I forwarded all of my information to our division’s supervisor and had the blacklist approved, his phone number was banned.

So of course, who is the first person I get a call from two hours later when I’m coming back from my lunch break? Twatface MacAsshole, calling on his friend’s cell phone.

Y’all, I had the biggest shit-eating grin on my face when I told him “you have been blacklisted from our center, every advocate on the floor has been notified that because of your behavior and repeated abuse towards our staff, nobody here will assist you, ever, with anything related to our brand. Do not contact us again.”

He started yelling something about a lawyer, but I cut him off mid-word terminating the call. I was giddy for the rest of my shift.

What do you think?

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