“I don’t like your answer; you owe me your time.”


Client doesn’t like what you’re saying, so they make you repeat yourself, despite them having written notes the first time you told them the information (why bother taking notes?)

After giving them the only solution available, they decide they don’t like it and are going to begin talking about other things things that have nothing to do with the program in which they’re enrolled.

Empathy only goes so far.

You redirect back to the call and, repeat. After asking for the third time if they have any additional questions regarding their program, it’s a very slow “Uhh… well….. I guess…. I… don’t.”

It’s like they believe you owe them your time because they don’t like the answer to their problem.

Once they draw that out, I come back with a cheery, “Thank you for calling (agency) and have a great day.”


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