Scam caller tries to close his mother’s account


I used to do tech support for a cell carrier (one that recently merged). When I was still relatively new, a caller asked to close an account. I asked whether he was the account owner. He said it was his mother’s account. I do not remember the exact words, but the following is the gist of the conversation. (C = Caller; M = Me)

M: I need the account owner.

C: She does not speak English.

M: I can transfer you to the Spanish line.

C: She does not want to speak with anyone

\[This goes back and forth. No matter what I said, he had a reason not to get her on the phone\]

M: Only the account owner can request close an account.

C: Well you F— off (hung up)


(To be precise, I would have needed to transfer him to Account Services to close the account, but even they could not close the account without the account owner.)


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