Tips needed – how can I increase call volume?


I WFH using my own headset, and a good majority of calls consistently come through with such low audio – sometimes the caller almost sounds muffled – that I have to press the headset against my head with my neck. This is killing my already existing neck pain, and now I’m getting this sharp pain in my left trapezius when I turn my head to the right.

Is there any way I can do something to increase the volume? Are there headsets that may have better audio quality, or what about an amplifier? Has anyone used one before or have any recommendations?


What do you think?

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  1. Pretty much all headphones should be fine with minimal differences in volume. There are definitely differences in audio quality but most are of an acceptable quality. The usual way to manage call volume is through the physical volume button which is attached to the wire. Some headphones have volume sliders built into one of the earphones.

    You can’t go wrong with checking the actual sound settings on Windows either. I’ve never heard of a call centre on mac, if you just right click the speaker, you can open sound settings, AND the volume mixer.

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