PSA: Just answer the verification questions


This is ImInOverMyHead95 with TheBank’s fraud department, who am I speaking with?

*I got an email saying my card was added to PayPal and I’ve never used PayPal in my life.*

(If it’s Monday it’s card added to PayPal day)

I’d be glad to assist. For security and verification purposes if you could please verify your date of birth.

*I’ll just say Month/Day.*

I need the year as well.

*Well I don’t want to give you the year. How do I know you’re actually TheBank?*

Well the number you called got you to our fraud department and you should have heard our disclosures at the beginning of the call.

*Fine what else do you need?*

The last four digits of your social security number.

*Oh fuck no, this is a scam. I’m going to hang up now because this clearly isn’t really TheBank. I’m going to call PayPal and have them remove my card from whatever account it was added to and I’m going to call TheBank and tell them that there’s a scam call center pretending to be them.*

Ma’am, if you got a fraud alert you need to- *click*

I ping my boss because we have to cover the bank’s ass given the circumstances.

“So given what she told me and what happened what I want to do is block her card to force her to call back. I’d rather she get declined the next time she goes to McDonald’s than end up with $800 in charges from whoever added the card to PayPal.”

“You’re right,” my boss replied. “PayPal isn’t going to talk to her about an account that’s not hers and because someone has her card information she has to get a new card whether she wants one or not. Go ahead and block it.”

And that ladies and gentlemen is why you should never ever ignore a fraud alert from your bank and just answer the fucking verification questions. They’re there for a reason and we’re here for a reason: because they’re out there.


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