Caller took offense that I don’t know all about them


I sell live theater tickets and our theater has some pretty heavyd donors. Two days ago, I got this call from one of them and well… it has been on my mind since because of how rude and hilarious they were being: (sorry for formatting, I’m on mobile)

Me: Thank you for calling _______. My name is ________. May I have your name pleas?

Caller: Yeah. This is _______ calling. I need four tickets for _______ on May 24th.

Me: Do you have your donor ID?

Caller: No. My name is ________. I am in your system. I give you $3000 a year. You will find me in there. I promise you.

Me: *finds their account through phone number* thank you for confirming. Where would you like your guests to sit for the performance?

Caller: …..

Me: Hello?

Caller: well, if you don’t know who I am then I am better off calling back later.

Me: um… ok?

Caller: *exasperated sigh* Is (the only male rep) there?

Me: … No he is not.

Caller *bigger exasperated sigh* what about that other person? The guy with the French first name and English last name or was it the other way around? Is he there?

Me: … I’m sorry but he no longer works here.

Caller: What about your director? Is he there?

Me: Unfortunately, he no longer works here either.

Caller: *bigger bigger exasperated sigh* well, since you clearly don’t know who I am, I will just get (director of membership services) to book my tickets.

*Hangs up*


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