When a customer fs around and finds out


Ever wonder what happens when people keep ducking debt collectors? Well, I was curious since I work in this godforsaken industry so the other day I asked my manager what does happen to these people that keep cursing us out and hanging up and whatnot. He said some of our creditors just keep pursuing through different companies but one isn’t so lenient and goes straight to legal or garnishment after several failed attempts. He then put me in a private Teams call and played an example of what happens when the customer finds out they were garnished. I also found out the guys in legal simply don’t give AF.

So guy calls in PISSED he got hit with garnishment. He ends up in legal where he screams he owes no money and why did they do this and yada yada. This is more or less the conversation.

Customer: You can’t garnish my wages for something I don’t owe! You guys never reached out to me anyways.

Legal: Mr.Smith, we have seven documented calls on your account. Two were immediate hang ups, three were third party hang ups, one was listed as “third party mumbled”, and finally when you did confirm your identity you cursed out the agent and told them to DNC before even being told the nature of the call.

C: Of course! I never heard of your company.

L: Sir, have you heard of a debt collection agency that advertises?

C: Well, they wouldn’t tell me why they called all the times before!

L: Legally they can’t unless you confirm your identity.

C: Well, I don’t owe this company XYZ. Never heard of them either.

L: Sir, you hung up on agents before they could explain why they were calling. You could’ve filed a dispute.

C: Why when it’s their fault?

L: That’s the purpose of the dispute. Since you wouldn’t file one, we had to mark you as unwilling. Now, we can file the dispute and take it from there, otherwise the debt will be paid off in three more installments.

C: …..

L: Sir?

C: File the fucking dispute.


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