Absolute insanity!


I work in a call centre. It’s a small-ish, family owned business, so we managers wear many hats.

Week one: Someone phones in to sign up their energy. We went through all the regulatory checks, they made a token payment towards their first bill, completed contracts, etc.

Then the supplier failed the customer’s credit and bounced them back to us. The person dealing with that sort of thing is off for a few days due to childcare.


This week: The customer called in. I dealt with them as I was available. They where eager to sign a different contract, as they wanted to get away from \[big brand supplier\].

I got them prices they where happy with, we arranged to send them fresh contracts to sign.

I then realised that the suppliers would need a copy of the lease in advance. The old supplier never received on the first contract as it got cancelled before it was asked for.

I couldn’t get back through to the customer. Their number didn’t work.

I tired the mobile number. The person there had never heard of the customer.

I tried the business premises. They’d never heard of the customer, and where super cagey. I explained why I was calling, they said I had the wrong place, in spite of my having all the correct business details. I was passed to a manager.

Apparently, someone had fraudulently signed them to \[big brand supplier\] and they where in a dispute. They where perturbed that I had full details for the business, only the oner name and their dates of responsibility being wrong.


So, it looks like whichever rival agency made the fraudulent contract is now impersonating the customer in order to obfuscate their tracks by agreeing contracts through us.

Unlucky for them that they ended up speaking to a compliance manager!


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