What is your average handle time requirement? What happens if you can’t meet that standard?


I need to get out of my call center job. I’m overqualified and the boss knows it.

They say I need to keep calls less than 6 minutes which is impossible in the type of work that I do. I’m having a hard time getting other type of employment right now because of my age. I’m new with this employer. 1/2 of my new hire coworkers already quit.

I got written up for my calls not being less than 6 minutes. I asked to sit next to two coworkers to see how they work their calls. It turns out that the 6 min standard isn’t applied uniformly. The rep I sat with was left with negative comments by the customer who said she was confused and the rep accidently hung up the caller by mistake, and then beep, another call comes in. Rep talks monotone and sounds scripted. She didn’t seem to care one way or the other about the caller.

That is what the company wants, “Just get the caller off the phone, don’t answer beyond the call itself, stay quiet, pause, don’t care and cold transfer and get them off the phone.”

I was told in training we warm transfer if we need to send caller to a different dept.

They don’t want me to care so much and just get the caller off the phone.

I toggle back and forth on 8 different systems to access documents and email them to the customer or to access their account and take payments. My systems are slow. They freeze up. The boss wants to try and blame me for not keeping calls less than 6 minutes which is hard. The boss has never done this job.

They really want me to quit because I am overqualified. I expressed my desire to work in another dept or in management where my skills would be a better fit.

But they want me to just quit or they will push me out. It isn’t easy to just get another job at my age. If I could, I would.

To keep me stuck, they will say because I can’t keep my calls less than 6 minutes, I can’t transfer out of the dept.

The AHT within 360 seconds is an arbitrary rule to justify a termination.

Employers can say anything. I spend my weekends recovering from the bullying at work. Pay is extremely low.

Is it possible these jobs are (wotc) jobs and are expected to be short term and subsidized? (Google wotc and your State).

They won’t transfer me to a non-phone dept where I could still do good work.


What do you think?

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